Hi, I am Shūji Ōtomo. I am an assistant professor at Graduate School of Engineering at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. My research interests are unsteady aerodynamics, flow control, experimental fluid mechanics, their applications to renewable energy and air/water vehicles, and swimming and flying of animals.

After completing my BSc at Mechanical Engineering at Hokkaido University, I left for Scotland to undertake a PhD in unsteady aerodynamics at the University of Edinburgh. After the completion of my PhD, I spent a year as a postdoctoral associate in Edinburgh where I investigated the unsteady gust load mitigation through passively deforming aerofoils.

Other than research, I enjoy photography, birdwatching, hiking, snowboarding, etc.

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Shūji Ōtomo
Department of Mechanical System Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Koganei, 184-8588, Tokyo, Japan